Weekly Photo Challenge (happy)

The theme is what make you happy, a very very large subject
I’m ‘soooo’ old and always positive
so I could use days or weeks
if I start mentioning all the reasons
for mostly be happy 

– so just a few things from today.

Stand above the coastline, looking out at the sea
and see some friends who have been sailing for 1½ week
just to visit you – it’s happiness
don’t think I need to tell that the coffee was ready.


One more thing that made me happy today
was a post on WordPress
about a splendid place in Denmark
I have visited several times over the years
a place with history, or rather some oaks which
in a lunatic number of years has heard the history blowing through the leaves
there is now one oak back, out of three
this ugly tree is so beautiful in my eyes

but read for yourself:

This is John Galt speaking on wordpress: The old oak