O like Onslow


The tell a letter-story challenge by idea of the good “frizztext
now the time has come to the letter “O”. 

I’m sitting here completely surrounded by no beers” (Onslow)

Onslow is a fictional character in the british 1990s comedy series
Keeping Up Appearances” portrayed by actor Geoffrey Hughes 
Onslow is a working class relative of the social-climbing snob, Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced bouquet) 
Onslow is married to Hyacinth’s sister Daisy; their surname is never mentioned.

Onslow is also a football fan, presumably of Everton FC as he comes from Merseyside, and dislikes Liverpool FC – so much so that he felt ready to divorce Daisy when she revealed on their honeymoon that she supported Liverpool FC.

Onslow is everything his sister-in-law Hyacinth despises, and threatens her social-climbing efforts – he is an overweight and unemployed man who earns his money through betting on horses, spends his time drinking beer, eating crisps and smoking cigarettes, and watching television – on many occasions he watches horse racing, and one of the repeated elements of comedy is his method of operating his ancient TV set by banging on it – Onslow describes himself as “work-shy, bone idle, and out of condition” and has been known to ponder “the inconvenience of working” – whenever Onslow is unpleasantly surprised by something, such as running out of beer or being insulted, he usually retorts with his sarcastic catchphrase: “Oh, nice!” – he habitually wears a baseball cap with the FH logo of New Zealand earth-moving and road construction company Fulton Hogan.

Although he watches television endlessly, Onslow also reads substantially, especially in the bedroom (where he never changes out of the usual vest and jeans he wears throughout the day), and considers himself something of an intellectual – Onslow is surprisingly well-read and frequently raises technical or philosophical issues in normal conversations – he is seen many times reading “The Principles of Condensed Matter Physics”, “Life Among The Primitives”,” A Brief History of Time”, “The Financial Times”, and “The Racing Post” – he also watches “Open University” programmes.

Onslow and Daisy live in a run-down council house with Daisy’s promiscuous sister Rose, and the sisters’ senile father, called “Daddy” – Onslow owns a dog, who lives outside in the rusting carcass of a Hillman Avenger in the front garden, and who barks at Hyacinth whenever she visits, causing her to fall into the bushes.

(inspiration: Wikipedia and BBC)


The actor Geoffrey Hughes did a very well done work as Onslow
unfortunately died the actor earlier this year due to cancer
the character Onslow reminds a lot about another fictional character
namely “Andy Capp” – in Danish “Kasket Karl”
great that the 2 characters only fictional – imagine if they were in reality.

It is said that reality
beyond imagination – oh noooo..!



15 tanker om “O like Onslow

  1. “I’m sitting here completely surrounded by no beers” (Onslow) – thank you for introducing this character – before I had the Russian term OBLOMOW for that attitude …

  2. You are one genius Drake, you know that, right? This is my favourite comedy series of all times 😀 😀 😀 Thank you for making me laugh mon canard 😀

    • #.paula
      Now I am embarrassed – glad you like my version of the challenge – agree that it was an excellent series – and it’s a pleasure getting you smile and laugh… 🙂

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