Weekly Photo Challenge (big)


WordPress challenger weekly WP bloggers on creativity
glorious action, if you ask me
a very excellent initiative, a themed series called
Weekly Photo Challenge
where bloggers so on their own can let their creativity fly
this week’s theme is “big“.

The word “big” is a very big word
involving many many things
which can create the illusion that something is large
many things can be measured purely technical, others not.

For example, there may a be a very big man in a small body
and vice versa in a large body a tiny human.

Almost philosophical said one can even feel big and act big
by feel humble and perhaps more go after the result than after success
and thus be more successful at the end.

to conquer oneself to death“, one could call it

honestly said it’s also much easier to get things your way than get the credit for it.

Experiences can also make one feel real big
whatever the surroundings may think.

Being a father can make one feel so really big
and burning of pride even when they grow large
also bigger than oneselves.

25 tanker om “Weekly Photo Challenge (big)

  1. wow you said it Ledrake..its so true there are so many ‘BIG’ people with such ‘SMALL’ hearts all around and vice versa….it indeed is much better to have a big generous soul than a bigger body..

    • #.manoli rizo
      Thank you, dear blog friend – really appreciate at others likes this term – I think that it is often forgotten that when one are trying to impose something without accepting it gives backfire… 😉

    • #.elizabeth
      Yeah the word ‘big’ indeed is a big word in many ways… 🙂

      But so it is with many expressions – which is the direct meaning and so the (many) hidden meanings behind – humor is always a bridge between differences as well as self-irony be it… 🙂

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