Travel Theme Couple

A picture from an old family party for almost 30 years ago
the difference between that kind of pictures then and now is clear
at that time was shooting at a party, anything obligation
something that just had to be overcome.

Nowadays one are about to be overthrown by people
who insists on being photographed
when they act in front of the camera.
(said with a twinkle in the eye and positive irony)

The couple at this picture was actually very feisty
both in everyday life and at parties
completely through some wonderful people.

But it is clear that the party photography here was just pure duty.


With excellent inspiration from Ailsa’s blog
just look the challenge here “Where’s my backpack
my version of the theme “Couple

11 tanker om “Travel Theme Couple

    • #.bella remy
      Totally agree, and I know that the couple above agreed too – but at that time (and perhaps still) one was ask to take some shots and at that party it was me – the result was so that people just waiting it was done – nowadays then some people jump up and act “silly” when they see the camera man and don’t act normal before the works done… ‘hahaha’

  1. Strange photo of the couple, they don’t look happy at all. For me photography is a paid job,(sports photographer), but even in my own family i don’t like taking photo’s at party’s, unfortunately, they ask it all the time and i find it hard to say NO.

    • #.jan masyn
      Agree the photo look strange and the couple agree too – but somehow I think it’s a good photo because it shows how the “duty” photos at family parties are obliged photos – almost proof that they were at the party – my experience tells me that there be many such photos – some falls down and try to coincide with wallpaper and other (especially nowadays) jumps almost up on the chair to be interesting in the photo – I understand quite well that you’d rather not shoot that kind of celebrations… 🙂

      But what is the alternative..?

  2. This is cool…… you said this was taken about 30 years ago… and you took it I presume…. I dont know Drake… they look natural to me, I dont see posing in it.

    • #.paula
      Yeah I took the photos, because I was ask to do it and it was close relatives celebrating and I could say no… ‘smile’

      They were not naturel, (far away) in front of cameras – these 2 lovely people were wonderful active at parties with lots of energy – but just when the camera was in the neigborhood then they as many others just relax…. ‘hahaha’

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