Weekly Photo Challenge (silhouette)

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge
it can be said that a silhouette is a shadow of contents
shades are empty, but that silhouettes don’t necessarily be.

Usually understood silhouettes created by light and backlight
but indirectly there are many kinds of silhouettes
road signs, advertising signs and urban signs
is actually silhouettes of what they must signal

Silhouettes shall or want to remind us of something.

Maybe it’s so that tombstones, memorial pillars, statues and other symbols of that kind are silhouettes of what we need to remember or know – the Statue of Liberty at the entrance to “The Big Apple”, it’s probably one of the biggest silhouettes (remembrance) of our freedom

A silhouette is perhaps a “primitive” mirror to reality – there pasted black silhouettes of birds of prey on large window surfaces to scare birds from bumping into the glass surfaces – many silhouettes are so on top of that beautiful – it’s an extra bonus effect.


Most pictograms are nothing more than silhouettes
everyone knows that here probably comes a bus
(the bus stop is tilted, it’s not the photo which is)