Quo Vadis, a letter Q story

Maybe your goal overturned..?

The tell a letter-story challenge by idea of the good “frizztext
now the time has come to the letter “Q”

This letter Q, can be many things when it left alone
also many other things than
being special effects manager in Agent 007 James Bond
being the british music magazine Q
being a norwegian dairy brand Q
being the pen-name Q of the cornish writer Arthur Quiller-Couch
being the furry blue mascot of the US-soccer team San Jose Earthquakes
being a fictional character from the Continuum in the “StarTrek” movies
and so on – a longer list “here“.

But here the letter Q is

Quo Vadis..?
a latin phrase meaning “where are you going..?”

Do we really (allways) know were we are going
or it’s maybe our biggest problem
disturb us even to enjoy the view while we go
and therefore walk so many restlessly around or going in circles.

Figuratively, then external GPS has become so dominant
that we maybe completely forget or ignore the internal GPS in ourselves.

Maybe we can’t see the forest
because of all the trees.