The right side or the left

UnavngivetTraffic can be quite complicated.

Some countries must keep to the right on the way other countries to the left
there are many theories, but none seems plausible to
why there is a difference.

In the very old days when traffic was by foot or on horseback
is the explanation that people stayed the left side of the road
to keep the hand with the sword free, facing the other traffic
if it should be necessary to pull the sword
but why then switch to driving on the right ..?

Some stories or myths
gives the french emperor Napoleon all the blame
because he was left-handed.

But it does not stand with the fact
that many countries introduced right-hand traffic
many years before Napoleon was born.

Is there any logical explanation at all
or is it just another example of politics ..?



Vegetable “oil”, a letter “V” word

The tell a letter-story challenge by idea of the good “frizztext
now the time has come to the letter “V”.

The Vegetable oil a la “Le Drake Noir”

1 ½ decilitre freshly brewed espresso coffee
freshly ground of Italian robusta beans
2 teaspoons sugar (possibly cane sugar)
1 ½ centilitres white rhum
1 thick slice of fresh pineapple
3 thin slices of fresh orange
juice from the rest of the orange
ice cubes, the number depending on temperament

steps for prepare:
use a large coffee glass
dissolve the sugar in the espresso and let it cool
cut pineapple into small cubes
put them together with ice cubes between 2 slices of orange
put the white rhum and the rest of the orange juice in espresso coffee
pour it into the coffee glass

use the last orange slice to decorate the edge of the glass. 

(the 2 small thumbnails made by unknown)

Weekly Photo Challenge (thankful)

Life is fleeting, as the finest smoke
use your imagination and energy in thankfulness
to enjoy where you have the influence
and less on what’s outside your own influence.

Think of all the beauty still left around you, and be happy
(Anne Frank)

Annelies Marie “Anne” Frank was an young german-born jewish girl from the city of Frankfurt, who wrote a diary while in hiding with her family and four friends in Amsterdam during the german occupation of the Netherlands in World War II

– these highlighted words are from that diary written by a clever girl. 


(Theme of the Weekly Photo Challenge is “Thankful“)



Liquid Travel Theme

This ship in the small harbor, it looks like an ordinary ship at a wharf
but it is a floating motel or rather with a german word “zimmer frei”
the word is widely used in Denmark, especially in the unauthorized tourism industry
so a place where you can rent a room for a night or two
with very limited service – no breakfast and no minibar, but including bath.

  These days when there is either maintenance or repairs
on the nearby offshore wind turbines
these days making it impossible sleep late
because the ship brings material and manpower to the wind turbines on these mornings
the ship then returns later in the afternoon.

The view from the windows is not so traditional
there is no forest with birds singing or city square with noisy tavern guests
perhaps not even seagulls, for there is no fishing boats in the harbor.

The ship is moored at the inside of the outer jetty
the view could on the one hand be:

and could, on the other hand (at the sea side) be:

– but this only requires, that it fits with the ferry schedule. 


With inspiration from Ailsa’s excellent blog
take a look the challenge here “Where’s my backpack
this’s my second version of the theme “Liquid


Travel Theme Liquid

With inspiration from Ailsa’s excellent blog
take a look the challenge here “Where’s my backpack
my version of the theme “Liquid

By mixing impression of the words “travel” and “liquid”
so it is natural to think of fuel
a major condition for getting around the world.

Every time I come across Shell’s famous logo
I think of a tiny old-fashioned automobile repair garage in the swiss Montreux.
owned by an old mechanic with an exquisite kind of service his customers.

All holidays and private travel in Europe
it has through time been a large number of times
 it has mostly been in own car
it requires sometimes some liquid for the car (read fuel)
all these purchases are made through a so-called Euro Shell Card
very easy and represented in all European countries
electronic money transfer makes the money immediately end up
at the tank owner’s bank account
and debited from the card holder’s bank account at month-end
– the systen, it works real well.


A late afternoon when arrived Montreux from north in transit
there was a tiny repair and services business for cars
with 2 of these old-fashioned petrol pumps discreet in front
it’s so cozy and the owner came out and refueled the car
he insisted on checking oil and water too
as he spoke impressed about the car
he had heard that the danes had only old used cars.

Had asked about Euro Shell Card could be used
with positive feedback
came into his office and saw no electronic card terminal
he used a so-called “fluesmækker” (flyswatter)
an old-timer machine with paper voucher.

The day after was used for sightseeing in Montreux and surroundings
after the 2 nights in the city – the car was refueled again
not so much this time, mostly to support a small business man
before continuing the tour at the main targets – Firenze in Italy.

This was in the middle of june
at the end of the month when gasoline card statement came
so was the 2 amounts not charged my account
I thought that it might not be reached because it was manual
next month in july no expenditure on petrol in Switzerland
not august, september or october
not until the end of november, I was allowed to pay
of gasoline purchased in Switzerland in mid-june
– It was probably not gasoline sales he had as main business.

Special mid-week Photo Challenge (inspiration)

What inspires you to blog..?
a special photo challenge this mid-week
Word Press
I guess that there’re almost as many inspirations as there are bloggers.

The motivation it doesn’t have to be new, not at all
it may be a kind of “product” development too.

It applies in my case
in the past in “the very old days” when I was a child
there was no “institutions” for child care at that time
so it either grandparents or other older people
who looked after the children while parents worked or studied
it awakened interest in the personal story
both to hear and to tell them
and there are many good or sad stories light covered all around
waiting to be heard or to be told.

WordPress is a very ideal place meeting for that
whether it are photos, stories, recipes or other good/sad issues. 


In this sofa which was my mothers mother’s,
was built a large part of the foundation
which is the base to the person I am today

Learned both listening and speaking
in short called communication.

Learning to be open to knowledge
curious without being curious.

– the last photo, along with my parents on the sofa.

Camouflaged romance

Perhaps one of the world’s best kiss benches
the old tree leans romantic out from the bank of the beautiful lake
close to the water surface but not too close
as soon as spring gets hold of the tree and until late autumn
so the tree covers the nature-made seating with a camouflage
age does not matter for using the bench, just a little mobility
then in deep secrecy sweet secrets could be exchanged.

When autumn storms have removed the camouflage
and winter’s frosty air coming, so nothing can hide anymore only if it is foggy,
but in the circumstances it is also too cold anyway.