Weekly Photo Challenge (geometry)

Geometry somestimes look so simple and straight
it’s everywhere, before we start thinking of it too
it’s used in antiquity also before it was known as geometry.

The Greek philosophers, such as Plato, often used geometry to illustrate philosophical issues – geometry was considered a necessary prerequisite for philosophical thinking
– an important reason why the ancient Greeks preferred geometry rather than algebra
was that their number system was not well developed.

There is much geometry in the 130-year old mill
geometry is also a kind of logic
the new generation turbines sneaks in at the old mills
but the new ones, there are also lots of geometry in them.


The theme of the Weekly Photo Challenge this time is “geometry“.

29 tanker om “Weekly Photo Challenge (geometry)

    • #.frizztext
      Denmark is a little windy country… 🙂

      Years ago a an artist elected to parliament by promising among others things – tailwind on the bike path more often – it was now more deep irony of our incompetent politicians (across the political spectra) and their “do as we say, not as we do” – but politicians did not understand the signal but continued “business as usual” – and political alienation grew even more…

  1. That’s a wonderful example… and I love the quaintness of windmills. 🙂
    Thank you for checking in during the Hurricane… your kind wishes were appreciated!

    • #.elizabeth
      Thanks appreciates your comment and agree about the windmills… 😉

      You welcome – about the hurricane – even it was really really bad, so must we recognize that it could have been worse – hope all those affected will soon be on the right path again – nature can be cruel…

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