Skirt, a letter “S” word

The tell a letter-story challenge by idea of the good “frizztext
now the time has come to the letter “S”.

Ladies Skirt

Fashion seems a bit weird, kindly said.
see for example womans fashion dresses
a topic of great great interest
among both woman and indeed men.

Some men dress up in women’s clothes too
it’s all right, don’t care
taste and pleasure is thankfully different
scottish men in kilts is another story
it’s something I may need to say
because I was accepted by a scottish clan and has been a kilt donated

There was made ​​an opinion poll in the UK some years ago
to test the british favorites among ladies skirts or dresses. 

1: Geri Halliwell, british pop singer-songwriter born i 1972 and maybe best known from “The Spice Girl” – in her “Union Jack” shortcut dress or large t’shirt.

2: Elizabeth Hurley, born 1968, in her “Versace” safety pin dress from 1994.

3: Marylin Monroe (1926-62) the woman who only sleept in “Chanel no.5”
in her all over the world known cut’skirt
not only the dress but the attitude too have been copied worldwide

4: Audrey Hepburn, a woman in black ready for “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” i 1961 

5: Lady Gaga,an american singer and songwriter born in 1986
in her white (monk?) jacket dress
there is probably not the clothes she hadn’t worn.

6: Lady Diana Spencer (1961-97) in her royal weddingdress from 1981.

7: Kylie Minogue wearing a pair of gold shorts in 2000, ready for “Spinning around video”
but with all respect, is it a dress or shorts honestly..?

8: Jennifer Lopez in an optimist green “Versace” dressed for “Oscar 2000”.

9: Björk Guðmundsdóttir (icelandic singer born in 1965) in her swandress 2001. 

10: Cindy Crawford (american model born in 1966) wearing a red Versace’dress in 1991


On topic a similar american opinion’poll:


Both lists may miss some skirts..?

The big question is what happened to Josephine Baker’s famous banana skirt..?

Nicole Rochelle, as the ‘banana girl’ Josephine Baker, in a french cabaret
Josephine was the woman who really introduced the banana in our conceptual world.

Josephine Baker was the first african-american who became a movie star
she became in the beginning of his career quickly a celebrated dancer
then it slid into singing and acting
to end up being one of the world’s most popular entertainers at that time.

As 30 years old she became a french citizen in 1937
and was very active in the french resitance 
an effort that made her the first american born woman
who received the french military order “Croix de Guerre”.

Josephine Baker had many nicknames
“Bronze Venus”, “Black Pearl”, “Crèole Goddess” and  “La Baker”

Whether it was Josephine Baker’s full tulle skirt with bananas
 which has made it the world’s most eaten fruit, it’s unknown
but damaged the banana, it has certainly not.


All photos from the girls homesites or the movie’homesites.


25 tanker om “Skirt, a letter “S” word

      • Indeed if you ask me – unfortunately, I was born too late to have seen her alive – but I am very convinced that she was a personality with style and class… 🙂

        Nicole Rochelle do a great job as Josephine in that cabaret – watched the show 2 times once in Paris and then I was ‘have’ to invite my employees to Münich, so they could get that great experience too… 🙂

    • #.cardinal guzman
      Yeah my norwiegian friend and never ever trust anybody who tell you that Robin Williams’s dress in ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ is my favorite on the lists… ‘hahaha’

    • #.bella remy
      I’ve had less interesting tasks before,
      – I think that was the right subject
      for the challenge including a.letter ‘S’ story .. 😉

      Womens dresses is a fun topic – in the sense that there are “crazy” many opinions about what being good or bad – both among men but especially among women – when I saw these lists, my first thought was that Josephine Baker missing… 😉

    • #.frizztext
      Danke für den Link, die wunderschöne “interior” in der hellen grünen “Asphalt Bubble” (liebevoll sagte über VW) – es ist nicht Standard ..? 😉

      Parents often tend to misunderstand fashion,
      particular on children’s clothing… 🙂 😉

    • #.bams triwoko
      Perhaps my scottish kilt that I got as a gift from friendly scottish friends
      – It’s great and really a great honor to a “simple dane” getting such a gift… ‘hahaha’

      I don’t think I have any favorite women’s clothing
      that all depends on the woman
      some are beautiful wearing one and others are beautiful in any other clothes.

      So I have seen many beautiful dresses… 😉 😉

    • #.elizabeth
      “Don’t shoot me, I’m only the piano player”… ‘hahaha’

      It struck me too that you had to choose one but chose everything else
      – both in the UK version and in the U.S. version… 🙂

      Yeah banana taste great… 🙂

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