Christmas in disguise

Christmas in disguise.

Cultivation of spruce trees in Denmark that’s a very big niche production
primarily for christmas trees and secondarily as decorative greenery
for many danish agriculture this is the main production
large majority is exported, it happens in november and early december
and it is mainly to Germany which imports really many danish christmas trees.

The production of spruce trees is one of the more slower production in agriculture
it applies to all species – red spruce, fir, norway spruce, pine or whatever they called
characteristic of most danish spruce is that they are relatively small
while in the norwegian and swedish forests mainly grow large pines for timber.

These danish spruces was planted in the late spring of this year hiding in the soft weeds
that they will do the next year or 2 – before they “skyrocketing” a number of years
after 7-8 years. so is the christmas trees ready for jingle bells and colored glass balls. 

But just at the moment it’s hard to see.

Link: Spruce


26 tanker om “Christmas in disguise

    • #.judy
      Thanks – there will be producing about 1½ million christmas trees and about 8,000 tons greenery in Denmark each year – seen from the size of the country, it’s pretty impressive… 🙂

  1. Nice! 🙂 Well, I can wait…and see.
    And you see,me coming from Norway, living in Germany, see a lot of beautiful danish wooden things. We apprecaite that very much! 🙂
    Have a lovely time.
    Greetings Dina

    • #.dina
      It is a slow process to make christmas trees, and from the start of they don’t look impressive – but suddenly things happens… 🙂

      Denmark imports and exports really much from / to Germany and Norway – it’s great – for both countries means a lot to danish consumers and danish producers… 🙂

    • #.richard guest
      Thanks Richard, really appreciates… 🙂

      Maybe that forest never would get old… ‘smile’

      I know a family in Denmark, they have a small “christmas tree” in their garden – every year they dig the tree up (with roots intact) and take into the house – after christmas so the plants it out in the garden again – it have work out well for 7-8 years now… ‘hahaha’

    • #.bente haarstad
      ‘hahaha’ – You’re right they are quite hard to see at the moment – the farmer is an old school friend, I teased him that he cultivated weeds – he said they would probably be great in 4-5 years… 🙂

      Between norweigians and danes size doesn’t matter – you make the large ones and we make the smaller… 😉

      The christmas trees which are being lined up before christmas in most of the danish town squares – they are very large and usually they’ll come from the norwegian forests (or swedish forests)… 🙂

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