The castle of the american King


USA has officially no castles,
even though they have many impressive castle-like buildings
americans have no royal family
they have a number of artists plus others who behave as if they were
it’s a different story, we have that in Europe too
someone called The Kennedys for U.S. royal family in the old days
but even though the U.S. isn’t a kingdom so they have had at least one king

Elvis Presley, the King – so Graceland may then be a castle.

Maybe forever Graceland will remind the future – about Elvis and his music
there are many many people also  outside the U.S. who appreciated the “king”
also in the danish city of Randers (about 100,000 inhabitants)
there was a fresh guy as well as being Presley supporter
he had a little money and lots of energy too.

So he decided to build a danish copy of Graceland
he did so – it should be the only like that, outside the U.S.
with Elvis museum in the basement with authentic things
the decor inside is not quite as original
because it’s not for residential purposes
but various music events
most related to Elvis Presley.

So the King hasn’t “left” the city of Randers yet.

links: “the danish look a like Graceland” (in english too)