Weekly Photo Challenge (changing seasons)

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Theme of the Weekly Photo Challenge is “Changing Seasons

In some places, there is almost only one season
at other places what looks like 2 seasons
other places again there are 4 seasons
every season has its own charm
whether one likes it or not
and each season has the time where it has its place.

The garden bench is out of season now
at least where it stands at the moment.


The tasty blackberries which were left for the birds
they have had their season – and the birds also to eat them
now it’s out of season.




28 tanker om “Weekly Photo Challenge (changing seasons)

    • #.jan masyn
      Speaking of Belgium, I have been in the belgian part of the Ardennes several times – in fact in all 4 seasons – different experiences and great experiences, but each in their own way – so I can’t call one visit better than the others… 🙂

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  2. These are wonderful photos of changing seasons Drake. The example of the bench that is enjoyed in warmer weather, sitting cold along the barren bushes and lightly snow dusted grass is so poignant. Beautifully done Drake.

    • #.frizztext
      Both the bench and the sheep belongs to my old dad – I’m visiting my parents these days but will return to Liverpool late this evening – so I’ll tell him your advice… ‘hahaha’

      He could be “crazy” enough and do it
      if not my mum would stop him – and she would… ‘hahaha’

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    • #.cardinal guzman
      The danes are citizens in a country of paradoxes – it’s a country where thousands of churches are empty week after week (they are almost only used christmas eve) – but they must be there to prove that we are a christian country – and we are also the country with the world record in religious holidays but the majority of danes have no idea why it is a public holiday – but it gives a great day off in the colonial garden or the summer house … ‘hahaha’

      The case of the christmas tree was more the fact that no one would have trouble with work on the christmas arrangement in the housing association – so it was as usual suddenly a case on or against people of foreign origin… 🙂


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