Yellow submarine in the air


The tell a letter-story challenge by idea of the good “frizztext
now the time has come to the letter “Y”.

The Yellow Submarine

Thank fate of the assigned great deal of black humor
 sometimes it is necessary – try again this fantasy
 that an airport has a submarine as mascot.

No it is unthinkable – isn’t it..?
 nevertheless it is true, even in the airport I use most.

 You get to the airport, expect that you will be flying
 and meets a submarine at the area in front of the airport terminal

 – or coming out at the same parking area after a flight
 and get the feeling that even submarines lands here.

 On top of that – a screaming yellow submarine.

 Okay granted Liverpool John Lennon Airport UK is quite excellent.



19 tanker om “Yellow submarine in the air

    • #.emily
      Perhaps the topic that reminds people best (and reminds most people) about The Beatles..?

      Som titles of Beatles are taken from the Liverpool area as Elinor Rigby, Penny Lane, Strawberry Field and others…:-)

    • #.resa
      ‘hahaha’ yellow humor, great idea – we start a new wave… 😉

      Before take off the passengers says give me “A ticket to ride” when aircraft take off so says air captain in loudspeaker “Let it be”, “You can’t do that” or “Please please me” – and the stewardesses say afterwards “I Want To Hold Your Hand” – so claims the passengers “I feel fine”, “We can work it out” or “Help” – .when the aircraft lands it sounds in loudspeakers “Hello Goodbye”, “Ask me why” or “Get back” .. 🙂 😉

    • #.frizztext
      Yes it’s a nice and well deserved gesture from the city of Liverpool for their famous son John Lennon – that the airport is named after him now – it’s also better with the submarine at the front area than if they had painted the runways green with red spots and then called the area “Strawberry Fields” forever… 😉

      By the way Strawberry Field is an area in In Liverpool which inspirring Lennon to this title – it was one of his playground when he was a child… 🙂

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