Travel Theme Festive


Christmas traditions are very different around the world
at some places, it’s a tradition not to have a tradition
tradition or not, food is very important for most
traditions or habits are fortunately individual or subjective.

Traditions in Denmark is very much about food
some people eat as much in december as the rest of the year taken together
said with a twinkle in the eye.

A very popular concept is “christmas lunch”
through december is the opportunity to participate in a lot of these
they can start at lunch or later, but all in one called the christmas lunch.

Like as putting a festive end of the year that has passed and strengthen community
they are held in many different relationships
sports clubs, political organizations, social organizations, professional associations.
In short, everywhere.

The main ingredients are food, beverages, entertainment and community
these christmas lunches have had a very dubious reputation,
because the beverages often “stole” the famous common sense
so that people did things they either regret or would have to say they couldn’t remember.

These events take place in december before christmas
the christmas days it’s very normally with private family christmas lunches.

The food on the danish christmas tables are rich in lots of specialties
really really many dishes have pork as the main ingredient
therefore, it is used on some of the very large events
boiling the pig’s head in highly salted water and then cooling it down
  and then use it as part of the imaginative decorations of the table
but only the very large events.


Years ago, maybe 20-25 years
this boy took advantage of his father’s friendship with a chef de cuisine
which in his very large restaurant had used such one
as part of the table setting and shouldn’t use it anymore
the boy got the head and took it to his grandparents’ Christmas Day lunch
as a contribution to grandmum’ table settings
grandparents were very happy and impressed
the 20 guests were also very impressed
and the boy was very proud, so proud – he haven’t hardly gets sleep the nights before
the excitement was greater to him – than what he got for Christmas.


With inspiration from Ailsa’s excellent blog
take a look the challenge here “Where’s my backpack
this’s my version of the theme “Festive




28 tanker om “Travel Theme Festive

  1. some people eat as much in december as the rest of the year taken together” hahahah very true here in the Philippines as well ^^ lol i’ve only finished planning what to cook for Christmas eve.. there’s gonna be a lot! ^^ that roasted pig is very popular here as well ^^

  2. That sounds a lot like norwegian traditions as well, only you are much better at the lunch, the famous late danish breakfast. I enjoyed this post very much Andrikken. I have just finished my last day at work for this year and now it’s time to pack and get prepared for Jul in Norfolk. It’s time of the year when I always feel a little bit sentimental if I’m not heading North to Norway, that’s how it should be; I suppose. 🙂

    Have a beautiful Christmas, you and your family.

    GOD JUL!

  3. Isn’t it always revolved around food though Drake? That photo is amazing – can’t believe you ran off with that pig’s head with an apple stuffed in its mouth. Quite the daring young boy. I’d be too grossed out to even touch it!

    • #.bente haarstad
      Many traditions are common in Norway and Denmark… 🙂

      Svært logisk fordi vi er også som brødre og søstre og elsker hverandre
      selv om vi elsker å erte hverandre – som kun venner kan erte hverandre… 😉

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  5. I think lots of food and conversation for the holidays is something a lot of us share around the world. But I don’t think we’ve ever had a pig head as a center piece at any of the gatherings I’ve attended. Being the squimish type, I don’t think I’d be able to partake in meat dishes with the “meat” staring back at me.

    Your son cute in this photo, he looks so excited!!!

    • #.april
      Yeah food is a real large subject at holidays worldwide… 🙂

      About this “starring food” – in Denmark it’s great joke saying “I don’t put anything into the mouth which an animal first had in its mouth” – when being served such as boiled beef tongue – so it will always be greeted with the question “How do you feel about chicken eggs ..?”… 🙂 😉

      Yeah, my boy was really so excited… 🙂

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