Travel Theme New


In the past, we knew most to people through their washing lines
but Christian Dior took us on a new travelling trip.

With inspiration from Ailsa’s excellent blog
take a look the challenge here “Where’s my backpack
this’s my version of the theme “New


New look, we can all now and then needed to be refreshed
 to be dressed has always been in focus of attention
by the way so to being undressed, created attention too.

There were two things that prevented us humans
from going into overdrive in pure boredom after World War II
Up through the 1930s, it became more and more boring
late 1940s as was the pulse of fashion almost non-existent
had it been allowed to continue in 1950s, it had been blasphemy to talk about fashion
this so dim future was rescued by both the invention of nylon stockings
(NYLON actually means NewYork LONdon)
and partly by the hyper-creative Christian Dior and his “New Look”

“New Look”, was a collection of women’s fashion, the designer Christian Dior launched in the spring of 1947 shortly after the World War II a collection which marked a break with the gray and dull style that had prevailed during the war, and instead provide the future women a new feminine style with cascading skirts, tiny waist, hat and gloves
“New Look” had a great impact on fashion and coming designers.

The collection created especially attention because of the many meters of luxury fabrics,
which was used to create a single dress – it was highly controversial the postwar time.

Christian Dior’s vision was to allow women to be women again by putting the focus on feminine skirts, dresses and lingerie, after years after years where many women had been in “uniform” or unisex clothing – many women embraced the new wave enthusiastically, while others who had become accustomed to be equal with men (and as conservative as men), balked at this harks back to the woman as a fragile creature – also argued many more practical-minded housewives that this new fashion was too pricey because that would serve many meters of fabric into a single suit. (many women sewed still their own clothes.) – with this collection, Christian Dior put himself in front of the new fashion world  the collection has been raised several times, both of the house Dior, but also by others as style icon or inspiration – also the many women who sew their clothes themselves.

It created not only movement in women’s fashion
but also a much needed development in male fashion
Dior also inspired people in many society levels
who then created and designed their very own fashion (including price level reasons)
and perhaps even sewed the clothes themselves.