Weekly Photo Challenge (illumination)

08 001

The weekly photo challenge is “illumination

Many may look illumination as something man-made
all probably know these space photos of the earth
where you at night can see all the light sources that we humans create
it may be direct in urban areas, industrial areas including oil sources
it may be indirect as miscellaneous fires including wars and natural fires.

Nature itself also creates illumination
of course yes sunshine
oh yea also moonlight
but there are several, including snow
one maybe indirect illumination.

Snowy areas are brighter even at night than non snowy areas
actually don’t have to fall much snow before it acts as an illumination
it doesn’t have to be fully covering before “there is light in the darkness”.

This picture was taken today friday about 5 o’clock in the afternoon
if there haven’t been snow, so had tree trunks, branches and twigs
been one large dark “spot”, so it was the day before.




22 tanker om “Weekly Photo Challenge (illumination)

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  2. You have right, Andrikken, white is the pure illumination. In Berlin we have today a little bit snow, too. The sky is white too and I wan’t to draw white today.
    Have a nice day, Susanne

    • #.susanne
      Thanks, I’m glad you agree with me – looking forward to a later post from you about it – I’m better at reading about it, but it is really fascinating… 🙂

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    • #.bams triwoko
      Yeah, it could be cool sending you a large box of snow
      – then you could make a snowman for your grandchildren… 😉

      Have a nice sunday, my friend… 🙂

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