Weekly Photo Challenge (beyond)

08 002

This week’s photo challenge theme is the word “beyond
actually a very wide comprehensive word.

The answers and the experiences lies beyond the surface and facades
that this is a truth is (in my eyes) beyond question.

A well known now deceased famous chef and food critic once said
“the best first impression of a tempting place to eat
you would not get by looking at the facade
but instead go around back and look at their garbage can”.


30 tanker om “Weekly Photo Challenge (beyond)

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  3. Hi Drake ! Sorry I’m behind on visiting your blog. I’m sick…again. and it’s all it takes just to get a post out ! Love how you see things in such a different perspective. Indeed, I would look at a parking lot to see if there were cars there. Never thought to look in the trash. 🙂

    • #.emily
      Really hope you soon be back on the top again… 🙂

      Thanks, your words are really kind, really appreciate them… 🙂

      It is always good on traveling around Europe by car, to keep an eye on where all the truck drivers stop for dinner – there you can be sure that you eat very well… 🙂

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    • #.kz
      Thanks, really appreciate your words… 🙂

      I’ve always been eager to learn and it brings me far and wide ‘hahaha’
      – I believe that one should look for opportunities and not looking at restrictions inside our heads… 🙂 😉

  5. Hey Drake: I can only wonder what befell the chef who went on a tour of restaurant rubbage…makes me want to eat at home for a while…so what is your favorite dish my fine feathered friend?

    • #.strawberryindigo
      ‘hahaha’ – I’m sure this food critic didn’t put his head down in the trash – but meant that one should look behind the facade instead of the facade … 🙂

      I have worked in the food business for more than 25 years (sales and marketing at suppliers for away from home dining business – and know that beautiful facade and good food isn’t always at the same place… 🙂 😉

      I’ve no favorite food – love to cook myself too – and love the food prepared with passion and with great respect for ingredients – in harmony with the seasons and local opportunities… 🙂

      I’m a lucky guy, that I get regularly in many different countries – wouldn’t dream of danish food in Italy, Tunisia or Norway… 😉

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