Never kiss a dromedary

05 00

Read my lips
never ever kiss a dromedary
it’s in fact unshaven and has a totally terrible bad breath
I know it..!

On a 10 day trip in the Sahara with dromedaries as transport
we stopped in an oasis for the night
both humans and dromedaries needed catering and rest.

Our Tunisian friends started to cut the characteristic flat cacti in sticks
2 of the young participants on the trip (they were 10-12 years) watched them interested
the dromedaries ate with well-being those cactus bars, ate all the thorns too
the tunisians lured the young people to keep cactus bars with their lips
and so dromedaries took these with great caution
as the tunisians found out that I stood with a big smile on looking at the funny scenario
they handed me a piece of cactus too.

Teaser as I’m, so I hold the cactus with my teeth
instead of just holding it with my lips
the dromedary nipped careful for the cactus, but didn’t get it
then the animal tried again
resulting in that I got a big wet kiss and the dromedary got the cactus

and I found out that dromedaries are unshaven and has a terrible bad breath.

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49 tanker om “Never kiss a dromedary

    • #.frizztext
      Following your great link, turns up a wonderful photo – it made me think that they enjoy their relations and that the man turn away his head when the dromedary want to kiss him… 🙂 😉

  1. .. and shame on me for forgetting this hilarious story 🙂 I would never consider you as a guy to kiss and tell – boy, was I wrong!!! 😀 😉

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