Weekly Photo Challenge (home)

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Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling
(Cecelia Ahern)

Some claim that their home is their castle
and builds high impenetrable walls around this home
while they feel lonely and unloved at the same time.

Some travel a lot, very much – perhaps in connection with business too
and gain experience with many receptions worldwide
my experience with more than 100 different hotels
is that they are all doing a good job for the guests
really feel at home while they are at the hotel
there have only been a few bad experiences
my experience is that they know that satisfied customers are their way to success
and as a customer the best service you get by talking with the staff and not to staff.

the weekly photo challenge is “Home


30 tanker om “Weekly Photo Challenge (home)

  1. I do a lot of traveling and always feel at home, even in the most remote areas when i have to stay with the people at their, sometimes very basic accommodation. So your story is more then true my friend.:-)

    • #.jan masyn
      Thanks, really appreciate that you agree with me – we all have think about our own attitudes – sometimes we ask for trouble, because we start the trouble ourselves… 😉

    • #.emily
      Many people would get a much better experiences
      if they thought about their own attitude… ‘hahaha’

      If we points to others with one finger
      there are 2 of our fingers which pointing at ourselves… ‘hahaha’

      Our own attitudes often starts the show… 🙂 😉

    • #.susanne
      Agree with you about this quote “home is the place on which your family lives” – in that way the family is the feeling here… 😉

      No it isn’t my real home, it’s a hotel reception – from e smaller cozy hotel in Paris, where I feel home when I’m in Paris… 😉

    • #.bente
      I haven’t any castle… 😉

      But I feel home most of the time – I believe in – the attitude we come with it affects how we are received – I’m always positive as a starting point – but has no problems at all with being the “bad” guy – if people are doing tricks on me, but I never starts from that point… 🙂 😉

  2. that’s a nice statement, I like to agree:
    “…my experience with more than 100 different hotels
    is that they are all doing a good job for the guests
    really feel at home while they are at the hotel…”

    • I even felt O.K. in London (could not shut the window, one foot of my bed disappeared in a hole, around noisy school classes, internet connection only for 5 Euros each hour (yes, that was the worst) – but nevertheless I liked to be there … [once in Dubrovnik high society entered the hotel and the management threw us out off our fine apartment, sent us to another hotel outside the city; but then after a week they spend us one week for free with the best ocean view balcony]
      thank you, N., for inspiring me to this story!

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  4. ¡Me encanta viajar y me encantan los hoteles!. por mí elegiría un trabajo en el que estuviese todo el día de hoteles jajajajajaja, también he visitado muchos muchos, y como tu unos mejores que otros, este tuyo me gusta, bonita foto!!

    • #.windhound
      A great story – previously the hotel dog was a very important “ingredient” around the life at the hotels especially road hotels – and in many smaller hotels it is still there… 🙂

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