In the terms of the nature

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The “sanded up” church in Skagen illuminated by the early morning light of last summer.

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The Buried St. Lawrence Church is located southwest of Skagen in the plantation area east of the main road – the church was probably built in the late part of 13th century
at that time the church was the biggest in northern Jutland. 

When the sand drift become heavily in the 16th century, it became increasingly difficult for the congregation to dig their way to the church at worship services 
the fight against the sand stood on until 1795,
where the church was closed on the orders of King Christian 7 
the nave was demolished and used in other construction projects,
but the tower was spared and used as a sea navigation mark.

Today it is protected and after studies in 1994, the nave and sakristiets location now marked in the terrain with red stakes – stone marks where the old cemetery was.

The “sanded up” church is a very popular tourist destination.

This little image is from “Skagens Avis” (local newspaper).