Travel Theme Mountains

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Mount Garbage

Nature has for many thousands created mountains, gorgeous and fascinating mountains
this is done by using different construction methods, all extremely well thought
and it is a huge pleasure to see them either up close or from a distance.

Humans also builds mountains – faster than nature – colorful mountains of garbage
the more complicated and “up graded” social structure the more waste per individual.

It is becoming more and more common to burn a lot of the garbage in incinerators
with district heating connections to nearby urban areas
but less waste mountains aren’t the result – now some of them are ash mountains.

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With inspiration from Ailsa’s excellent blog
take a look the challenge here “Where’s my backpack
this’s my version of the theme “Mountains”.


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  2. In my town, there are two ” montagnette” made out of trash heaps…..
    They look like small mountains , and young people ignore their origin .
    In winter they sledge down the slopes…………

    • #.bella
      I believe that we europeans do as much garbage as americans – some places (I’ve seen it a lot in Germany) then supermarket customers take all the junk packaging and leaves it in the shops – then they must pay to get rid of it – perhaps wisely I think… 🙂

      Miss fresh-air markets too… 🙂

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