Imagination at the balcony of the nature

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A view that calls for imagination, the mountains available in all sizes
 some adorable little ones, some big cruel ones and so those in between
 one thing is sure the water is always moving downwards if it moves
 leaves of the trees more untransparent the smaller the mountains are.

A view in a break during mountain biking, wondering what’s moving in the wilderness
only imagination draws limits.

Maybe “Braveheart” in figure of Mel Gibson will storms out from the forest edge
as the leader of a group of scottish patriots
persecuted by combative nobility men
no this is England not Scotland.

Maybe Robin Hood and his outlaws men are running out from the forest edge
with Lady Marian at Little John’s shoulders (because everyone knows he is the strongest)
while the power-hungry prince John and his cronies in vain tries to stop them
no this isn’t 1000 years ago, but last summer.

Maybe it’s a young couple from the nearby village
trying to get some rest for a cozy rendezvous in peace for the parents eyes
everyone knows that the blacksmith’s wife keeps a watchful eye on their son
and that the village baker keeps a very close eye on his daughter’s chastity.

I believe it was the last one, they were so cute – last summer.


With inspiration from Ailsa’s excellent blog
take a look the challenge here “Where’s my backpack
this’s my 2nd version of the theme “Mountains”.