Weekly Photo Theme Future Tense

08 001

The future depends on education but not indoctrination
schools are important not as a building but their content
knowledge is power and lack of knowledge creates fear
education should foster respect for daring to seek knowledge
and dared respected that others seeking knowledge too.

It’s hard to make predictions, especially about the future
(Robert Storm Petersen)

Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future“.
(Oscar Wilde)

Life must be lived forwards, but often only can be understood backwards
(Soren Kierkegaard)

The teachers’ role isn’t to indoctrinate their own perceptions, or the systems view
but to cultivate the ability of chrildren to be themselves in a community and the ability to accommodate others’ right to be different within the community framework..

Education is no ready-made solutions,
but learning to use tools to create solutions.

None are so clever that they can’t learn more.

08 003

 The top photo
one from the outside looked quite ordinary school,
there was the framework for my learning a few years in the 1970s
those of the teachers I met were very inspiring.

The bottom photo
the school gym hall, not flashy in itself
but inspiring teachers did that many were motivated for sports.

How exciting future will be, depend on the ability and the understanding
to give everyone the opportunity for education and learning.


The weekly photo challenge: Future Tense


38 tanker om “Weekly Photo Theme Future Tense

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  3. What a great take on this week’s challenge. Indeed education is the pathway to the future. The gym though looks like bad things happened there. Wonderful post Drake.
    OH.speaking of Pink Floyd, did you watch the live stream concert this weekend?

  4. “The teachers’ role isn’t to indoctrinate their own perceptions, or the systems view
    but to cultivate the ability of chrildren to be themselves in a community…”

    So true…education is about preparing our children to become a part of a community. Well said and a lovely post this one. – Mary

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