A day in my life

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Okay what did “Le Drake Noir” do to day..?

The answer isn’t blowing in the wind at all – he didn’t do anything except this.


The weekly photo challenge with the theme “a day in your life”.


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  2. Pingback: Weekly Photo Challenge – A Day In My Life | Joe's Musings

  3. Finally a Photo of all of you. (i helfigur)
    Had I known before, what I know now, maybe I would have treated you nicer throughout the years? Hmmm 😀

    /Erasmine, The Cougar

    • #.bente
      Almost naked only… “lol”

      I know that it is very popular to go in the sauna
      – both in the northern parts of Norway, Sweden and not least in Finland… 🙂

  4. Sherrie’s right! No oe wants to ruffle feathers. But now that yours are off, ….
    What…?? Oh! This is a public forum. Well…. then… I’m going to hang out with the gowns! “lol” 😉 ♥♥♥

  5. Darling Le Drake,
    As I was pinning your most recent golden pic to my Pinterest board, other pins from your blog came up, and this pic has been pinned to one of your follower’s boards. “lol” Well, you look gorgeous.

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