Cheat, but heat

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This monday in april in the southern norwegian mountains, it looks cold
but the bright sun rays “cheat” and creates white and blue hallucinations
the sweat running down your back as a norwegian rivers or waterfalls don’t lie
(in norwegian – river called elv and waterfalls called foss)
perfect weather for mountain biking.

Fragments along the river

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 When we “float” slowly and lazily but enjoyable on the river in a small boat
so we see a lot of things, but often no coherent story
we see only fragments of life along the river
some will never come ashore from the river but “floats” on the river throughout life.

A lot of happy people on their way aboard a riverboat
for a wonderful day on the river.

A big yellow crane waiting for tasks to lift

An optimistic angler, wonder if he’s lucky today.

A motor boat formerly used to sail sheeps into the marshland
 wonder if it still sails with sheep nowadays.

Only fragments, along the river.


The old mill at the hill

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Built in Netherlands, but came to a tiny danish island in 1899 where it stands steadily
observing the differences of days and the change between the seasons
probably nothing at all can surprise the old mill at the hill, even not a weird sky.

Although it was originally dutch, so it is now a part of danish culture.


Weekly Photo Challenge Theme: “Culture


Challenge in contrast


Challenge is the road to development and ultimately survival through life
who said that I no longer remember – but there’s a lot of truth in the expression.

In my every day my clients expect me to challenge them – that’s what they pay for
very humorous seen, so you can say that it is perfect to make my hobby into livelihood
but obviously there must be a target and it must end with a positive outcome for them.

Last monday to wednesday I had meeting with 6 of my clients, all skilled managers
told them to be ready on tuesday where I would give them a challenge
which they could perform together 2 and 2 – they would then have all day to this task.

Then they asked me how I react to unexpected challenges
offered them that they could find a challenge for me to tuesday
this one I could perform at the same time while they were performing their task.

 On tuesday morning I got the assignment to make a drawing or sketch
I have never drawing, since I was a child
but I said okay came with crayons and white paper
but they said it was too easy so it was heavy black paper
I would then have to make a drawing depicts one of them.

This drawing is the result after a hard days work.

The clients, who were 4 men and 2 women should so see my “work”
when the meeting ended there were positive comments.

One of the women exclaimed, rather surprised that I never had seen her undressed
she was absolutely right, I had never seen her undressed
but you can a lot with a little imagination.


Light for the light

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Lanterns are a light. I think most are red or green but they all lights up at least
can’t remember I’ve seen it elsewhere – that there is light at the light
the idea of ​​a signal / marker lantern is that is on when you can’t see
why does it take light so you can see it ..?

00 0020

Both a nice lamp besides the red and the green latern.

Safe travel, above all..?


This theme is really a “lighting” travel theme 
with inspiration from Ailsa’s excellent blog
take a look the challenge here “Where’s my backpack
this’s my version of the theme “Light”.


Blue Water

00 004

The pier bathed in spring sunshine – the temptation to get naked and take a dip is great
the coast is clear or should we say the pier is free to act – no ship in sight
but the water is cold yet, very very cold.
00 012
The view out from the pier straight out in the harbor basin was equally tempting
but no no no, the water is too cold yet.
00 006
The blue colors change depending on the direction you look
sun and morning mist has almost exclusive right to decide which blue color we see.

The missing bowsprit

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The bowsprit of a sailing vessel is a pole or spar
extending forward from the vessel’s prow.
It provides an anchor point for the forestay(s),
allowing the fore-mast to be stepped farther forward on the hull.

Bowsprit in the old days stack up and had often Galions figures
either installed or was made ​​direct and often designed as pure works of art
lovely women or lovely women like mermaids were favorite motives.

Nowadays they are unnecessary, because the sails and masts are not driving force more
so it’s lowered just below the waters edge as a breakwater and often an unattractive block.

00 008

The ship protrudes only 260 centimeters below the sea surface
impressive that it can stay afloat.

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