35 tanker om “Optimism

  1. No doubt,in that….
    (I admire your ability to match pictures and quotations , to say nothing of the fact , that YOU take the pics and YOU find the quotations !)

  2. Great capture…as for paradise and prisons…I think we make our own walls when we like it inside too much 😉 …..just playing the D’s advocate hehehehe…enjoy your day Drake!

    • #.mary
      Thanks really appreciate your words – I believe you’re right, in fact we probably are our own worst enemy about these walls – have a wonderful day too… 🙂

    • #.emily
      Thanks, really appreciate your words… 🙂

      One of my favorite song is “Always look on the bright side of life” with amazing “Monty Pythons”… 🙂

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