Look out color ahead

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Colors are used extensively for beautification, to increase the attraction or to reassure
some call it makeup or to be immaterial in relation to what is essential
but the color is probably never a “does not matter case”..?

But color can also have a warning function
it is said that the most colorful snakes are the most toxic
that the most brightest and most color-screaming frogs
they tastes like hell and are toxic too
but why has some monkeys fiery red bottoms..?

In some kind of business tells screaming yellow colors our subconscious mind
that the product is cheap but something worse junk where we are ‘cheated’..?

 In traffic can very bright colors warn us that there is danger and we must be careful.

Mostly with the colors yellow, red or blue.


The weekly photo challenge, the theme is “Color



32 thoughts on “Look out color ahead

  1. I enjoy how you always seem to find another, less common and interesting approach to the challenge, Drake. And this is not an exception – makes one think… Not necessarily about the red monkey bottoms though 🙂 but…does!

    • #.esenga
      Thanks, I really appreciate your words… 🙂

      If we never looks for other approach of any of these hurdles we meet
      so we cheat ourselves for learning any news… 😉

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  9. I luv the pic! “lol” At the risk of sounding like an idiot… what is that blue light?
    Well, I love colour in my world, and Le Drake, thank you for the colour you have brought to it! Virtual hugs and kisses to you! – Resa

    • #.bams triwoko
      Thanks really appreciates your words… 🙂

      My favorite color, it isn’t easy – it depends of the mood – in a way I like most colors, but wouldn’t ever wear red jeans… “lol”

      My favorite most be 2 colors – black together with another color – black’n green, black’n red, black’n blue, black’n purple, black’n yellow and so on… 🙂 😉

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    • #.marion
      Thanks, really appreciates… 🙂

      It looks more dramatic than the reality, but the darkness, light and the “smoking” water helps making the atmosphere… 🙂

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