Something in the air

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The air is so clean and fresh in the countryside
a popular phrase, much used mainly by people from cities.

Standing a while in a very closely packed subway trains
in one of the major metropolitan areas for a long distance
next to a person who has missed the bath maybe a few weeks
it is for many city people the ultimate negative scent experience.

– it’s piece of cake..!

Heaven could be visiting a couple of friends, who live in the countryside
be seated on their lovely terrace for afternoon coffee
ready, with great pleasure, to put teeth in the hostess delicious home baking
and wash it down with a glass of the host’s splendid homemade spiced schnapps
all in all, it looks like the start of a wonderful afternoon.

So starts the neighbor farmer to run slurry into the field next to
with a slurry tanker containing 20 tonnes – every time
 there is something in the air..!

It’s springtime in the countryside.