Something in the air

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The air is so clean and fresh in the countryside
a popular phrase, much used mainly by people from cities.

Standing a while in a very closely packed subway trains
in one of the major metropolitan areas for a long distance
next to a person who has missed the bath maybe a few weeks
it is for many city people the ultimate negative scent experience.

– it’s piece of cake..!

Heaven could be visiting a couple of friends, who live in the countryside
be seated on their lovely terrace for afternoon coffee
ready, with great pleasure, to put teeth in the hostess delicious home baking
and wash it down with a glass of the host’s splendid homemade spiced schnapps
all in all, it looks like the start of a wonderful afternoon.

So starts the neighbor farmer to run slurry into the field next to
with a slurry tanker containing 20 tonnes – every time
 there is something in the air..!

It’s springtime in the countryside.


23 tanker om “Something in the air

  1. In spring- and autumn time when the odor from the fields – where farmers were busy preparing their fields for the next crops – mixed with the wonderful scent of coffee, newly baked bread and homemade strawberry jam at my grandparents house, my late very straigt forward grandmother always said: “THIS SMELLS MORE LIKE SHIT THAN CHOCOLATE!” (Please, excuse her French!)
    Her saying is still being used in our Family when suitable. 😀

    A bit Off Topic:
    Like I am sure you know, there was a saying in Esbjerg (A City situated to the south at the Danish West Coast – once with a major fish industry) – that went like this: “IT SMELLS LIKE MONEY”. These Words were always used, when visitors to Esbjerg complained about the smell of fish, ‘trash fish’, for the industry being unloaded at the harbour. Puuuueha! 🙂

    If one is familiar with what your photo probably is supposed to visualize, I have to say, that your photo really STINKS!!! 😀

    • Bonus:
      “The Ugly Duckling” by Hans Christian Andersen begins like this:

      “It was so beautiful out on the country, it was summer- the wheat fields were golden, the oats were green, and down among the green meadows the hay was stacked. There the stork minced about on his red legs, clacking away in Egyptian, which was the language his mother had taught him. Round about the field and meadow lands rose vast forests, in which deep lakes lay hidden. Yes, it was indeed lovely out there in the country.”


    • #.erasmine
      A less part of chocolate, in my eyes or more right in my nose… “lol”

      I know some people from Esbjerg – and know that saying very well… 🙂 😉

      These people from the big westcoast city alway says “In Esbjerg it’s strong windy weather 250 days a year and for the of the time – there’s stormy weather… “lol”

      Agree the photo stinks… “lol lol” 😉

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