Changes with a few exceptions

01 011

The world is in constant change
it is a phrase we hear over and over again
it’s of course also true, as such, going the long way
but some things change apparently not.

This old house is over 100 years old
looks like it has been for the last 50 years, at least
slightly fumbled and pale, but cozy – the way it was 53 ½ years ago too
when my parents moved into the nearest half – young and absolutely newlyweds
this photograph taken yesterday and when they saw it they said immediately
it was like watching it on time in the very late ’50s
the red mailbox were added later and there has come new asphalt on the road
but the old house is still the same.

It was my very first place called home – the nest of the little ugly black duckling.


Photographed in front of the house with my mother’s best friend,
my very first “girlfriend”  (“read here“)
the green plants on the wall of the house was removed shortly after.

The world is in constant change only with a few exceptions


25 tanker om “Changes with a few exceptions

    • #.melouisef
      Sometimes things change quicker than we understands – sometimes we can’t follow because it goes too fast – but some things they never changes… 🙂

      Yeah the red mailbox is a contrast to the more pale colors of the photo… 🙂

  1. ciao! “the ‘little’ black ugly duckling”… we change;and yet we can as well be fortunate to have ‘a few exceptions’…most reassuring. just the loveliest post. thanks.

  2. I like this post! You did beautiful memories. … It’s hard to believe, looking at that pic of you as a baby how small you were. Now, with size 47 feet, I wonder what is bigger…. you as a baby, or your adult feet! “lol” Sweet Le Drake …I couldn’t resist teasing you! 😉 🙂

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