Diamonds, rhinestones or raindrops

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Some places it was a foggy and raining day
usually something that could activate the bad mood among people
but why not dance in the rain (and singing too)
raindrops are rhinestones for the poor, diamonds are even further away.


37 tanker om “Diamonds, rhinestones or raindrops

  1. …you should include “zircon” for the middle class. Pretty picture!!!
    We are supposed to have 23 C today & sunshine: sunglasses? Check, Light jacket? Check maybe sunscreen? Check!!! 🙂

  2. I am no wallflower, indeed I’m not, so while we are waiting for Spring on this grey and rainy Sunday Afternoon, I dare to ask you: “Shall we dance?

    Like Fred and Ginger –

    or maybe like David –

    Anyhow – Have a nice Sunday, Andrik! 😀

    • Well, apparantly WP leaves only one possibility per comment for posting a video, so I try again.
      Here come Fred and Ginger, hopefully! 🙂

    • Thanks for the great music (I really like David Bowie’s music) – yeah letøs dance – ‘ll take on my “penguin dress suits with belonging black “smoke ducts”… 😉

      • Well, when you are going to dress up like that – Whaaaau! ;.) – I shall have to ‘dig up’ my finest vintage dress covered with rhinestones on the top from the bottom of my closet.
        Ups, I forgot! I gave it to my daughter many (many!) years ago.
        What to do, what to do? 😀

        Pist! Hvad er ‘smoke ducts’ slang for?
        Jeg har søgt med min gode ven, Google, men kan ikke finde en brugbar oversættelse.

  3. What a good idea – let`s dance and use the raindrops as magic crystals. And by the way I desperately need RAIN for my garden. We didn`t had a drop of rain for more than 10 weeks now – rain would make my heart jump with joy 🙂
    Have a great week
    Klausbernd and his happy Bookfayries Siri and Selma

  4. Ah, I’m a child of the rain my friend. I do so love it and that photo and your words are poetry and music for my eyes and soul. I would love to dance in the rain if I wouldn’t catch a cold – I always do so forced to stay indoors when it rains. But I have always loved it. 🙂

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