Change of life

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Sprouting times right now in the country, but it is inspiring too
the answer must be yes when it’s about to come out and get experiences from nature
but are life in the nature and country life inspired by the world outside their world..?

A typical image of a danish village, it looks like pure charming idyll and passion
you will be greeted in resounding high spring sunshine and roaring silence.

An empty church where people come about 3 times in their lives
to be baptized, their confirmation and funerals including their own.

A former farm with empty stables, where land is sold off to larger farms
some are inhabited by people who go to the city and their lives (work) there
virtually immediately it gets light and come back home when it’s allmost dark
other buildings becomes chargeable some quick other slowly.

An old merchant’s house, who can share experiences about the time
it was the focal point of life itself
where mighty business was done within its walls
local disputes was perhaps settled in front of the building
often in a crude way, but far more humane compared to “conflict resolutions” nowadays
and about magnificent love stories that started in the apple garden behind the building.

But no photos of danish villages and nature without wind turbines in the background
one must evolve over time and they are perhaps more natural than nature itself ..?


00 003

Perhaps many of the villages will be brackets in the countryside
as our ancestors housing – the proud and adventurous vikings
where only the most resilient mounds that are left
there is grass become bushes and bushes become trees
but the “shadow” can still be seen – out there in the country.


Another weekly photo challenge theme: “Change“