Up, where we belong

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Up where we belong – we all have our peaks that pulls within us
whether they are imaginary or real
the real feeling of freedom is like standing in the sunshine on top of “our” mountain.

To be able to enjoy fully the views from these amazing beautiful high peaks
then we have to take the road through the lower valleys
and through the dark gloomy gorges with steep naked “threatening” walls.

Way up there can be an ordeal, both in terms of strength, will and attitude.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – theme of the week: “Up


38 tanker om “Up, where we belong

  1. Stunning photos as always!
    The majestic mountain in the first one , scares me a bit , in terms of height and imperviety , but then the blue stream in the second take , nearer to my pace ,invites me to start…..
    Ciao ,my friend!

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