Challenge in contrast


Challenge is the road to development and ultimately survival through life
who said that I no longer remember – but there’s a lot of truth in the expression.

In my every day my clients expect me to challenge them – that’s what they pay for
very humorous seen, so you can say that it is perfect to make my hobby into livelihood
but obviously there must be a target and it must end with a positive outcome for them.

Last monday to wednesday I had meeting with 6 of my clients, all skilled managers
told them to be ready on tuesday where I would give them a challenge
which they could perform together 2 and 2 – they would then have all day to this task.

Then they asked me how I react to unexpected challenges
offered them that they could find a challenge for me to tuesday
this one I could perform at the same time while they were performing their task.

 On tuesday morning I got the assignment to make a drawing or sketch
I have never drawing, since I was a child
but I said okay came with crayons and white paper
but they said it was too easy so it was heavy black paper
I would then have to make a drawing depicts one of them.

This drawing is the result after a hard days work.

The clients, who were 4 men and 2 women should so see my “work”
when the meeting ended there were positive comments.

One of the women exclaimed, rather surprised that I never had seen her undressed
she was absolutely right, I had never seen her undressed
but you can a lot with a little imagination.