As time go by

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Time is running or eventually disappears almost in front of our eyes
whither is the big question, but the question is whether it actually disappears
maybe the past is still with us – maybe we just don’t see it to the naked eye.
As when nature (as here the grass) “eats” or hides the old farm tool.
Time goes – no actually time stays – but we go” (uknown)

21 tanker om “As time go by

    • #.hanna
      Det nemme svar er at selvstændige har mange fornøjelser… “hahaha”

      Men det er nu ikke hele sandheden – dels så går måske 25 procent af min tid med at “kloge mig” med at planlægning er bedre end at klage over manglende tid – hvis jeg ikke kan planlægge min egen tid hvordan skulle jeg så kunne overbevise andre..? – dels så er min tid på WP mine pauser… “lol”

  1. your nice post has reminded me of the famous film-cult “Casablanca” that I’ve watched many times without being fed-up… 🙂
    “As Time Goes By…” – sooo beautiful and romantic…

  2. I agree, time stays, we go. And it all seems too fast.
    I am acutely aware of that as my bucket list gets longer and time on hand shorter 🙂

    • #.emily
      So true, you’re so right – when we are young we seems having so much time and we have so buzy – when we get older we try to “relax” but times move so quick… 🙂

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