Save the last dance for me

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Tango is definitely my favorite dance
perhaps the only one with Pasodoble I really can dance “lol lol”.

While Pasodoble is french ballet inspired
combining the “impossible” – masculine power and grace
and not spanish bullfighter inspired as many believe
then Tango comes from South America specifically Argentina
from the area near the border with Uruguay.

There has come a european variant of Tango,
it is the one used in dance competitions
but it is not “the right one” – the argentinian has much more soul
where there are more improvised dance and tempo changes
to give priority on lead, variation and fluid dance
more social style and perhaps more erotic style.


01 02

Dancing is – perhaps even more than conversation
something which connects different people together
there is so much versatility in dance, both indoors and outdoors
there is no right and wrong.

This theme is really a travel theme with movement 
with inspiration from Ailsa’s excellent blog
take a look the challenge here “Where’s my backpack
this’s my version of the theme “Dance”.


32 tanker om “Save the last dance for me

    • #.marianne
      “hahaha” – read what I wrote “lol” – maybe the only two I can
      – and their a lot of things where I’m a clown … ‘hahahahaha’

  1. I was fascinated by the picture ,but then by your words …..
    Dance is an international language , you’re right!

    …and you ,dancing Tango and Paso doble !

  2. Wow !!! on the sketch…a man of many talents!
    I also always said that the reason why I would want to go to Argentina would be to learn to dance the tango(==>fat chance) or to at least watch!! I was no longer living in Germany when all my friends went to dancing classes…back then young “ladies” and “gentlemen” learned to socialize while in dancing school. I am afraid though it would be a disappointment if I went now. As a girl, I always wanted to go to ballet like all my girlfriends-instead my dad registered me to play field hockey. Then when I was in college, I took a ballet class ==> I understood why my dad insisted I play hockey! What a let down.
    Wonderful post!

    • #.doro
      Thanks, really appreciate all your sweet words… 🙂 😉

      I sure if you wouldn’t only watch,
      but jump out on the floor at start dance yourself… 🙂 😉

      Parents can’t always distinguish between their own dreams
      and their children’s dreams – it’s a shame…

      • About my ambitions as a ballerina, I think my dad knew me better. And that is why he sent me to play hockey. it was something that suited me – much more than ballet. 🙂

  3. One of the few thing I cannot do – dance – long deep sigh….loved the sketch and your take of the theme!

    • #.mary
      Thanks really appreciate you like it… 😉

      Maybe you just throw yourself into it – it will certainly work – often we think that we are bad at something and then it’s all too easy to be confirmed – believe conversely that you can and go for it… 🙂 😉

  4. Knew you could draw, but dancing too? 🙂
    Argentinian Tango is very much more sensual I think. Strange that European immigrants brought the Tango to Argentina, and it is now being imported back!

    • #.madhu
      ‘hahaha’ – a man don’t be a dancer because he can dance tango and paso doble – my waltz is awful… “lol”

      I did not know – I’ve always been told that the Tango originated in Argentina in the 1800s, and first time in Europe was in 1910 – before that time dance in Europe was “boring” – I’m a clown in a waltz and a disaster in lancers… “lol”

    • #.emily
      “hahaha” – better tango than waltz if you want see me dance – I’m do a awful walz… “lol”

      I’m really glad you like my drawing – my neighbor an old old artist gave a couple of advices before start – and gave me the papier too – and told me to use only black, grey and white colors – until I get better and know something about it – great advices… “lol lol”

  5. Fantastic post Drake! I agree – there is something about Tango ! It is like poetry – evokes emotion. My daughter studied in Argentina for a while– she taught me a lot about the history of tango — the sad dance ~ beautiful! x Robyn 😉

    • #.bobyn
      Thanks really appreciate your words… 😉

      it must have been a great experience for your daughter – and if she have interests to dance – then it’s a great opportunity to meet the “real” tango… 🙂

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