Look for patterns

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What is this, it is the energy source or an inverter for an electric fence
all enclosures are a kind of designed patterns, so patterns are therefore limiting.

It works on animals and it work on people too.

There’s something very addictive about people pleasing.
it’s a thought pattern and a habit that feels really, really good
until it becomes desperate
(Anne Hathaway)

Patterns limits very often our paths and our creativity
as a curiosity, then the patterns are created by creative people.


 00 016

Heaven or perhaps freedom as seen through a pattern created by a windmill blade.


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Sometimes it is necessary to create patterns to get out of patterns – math is an example.

Mathematics are the result of mysterious powers which no one understands,
and which the unconscious recognition of beauty must play an important part
out of an infinity of designs a mathematician chooses one pattern for beauty’s sake and pulls it down to earth
(Marston Morse)


The theme of the Weekly Photo Challenge is “Pattern