Scottish sensations


Scots say that there are two seasons in their country, namely june and winter,
but it’s may now, actually what’s going on here..?

The Scottich sun,
shocked by having its usual cloudy underpinnings stripped away,
shone feverishly, embarrassed by its nakedness
(Stuart Haddon – a scottich writer born in Glasgow)


47 tanker om “Scottish sensations

  1. I visited Scotland several years ago up to the isle of Skye… Interesting and very pittoresque, even though it rained every 2 days… 🙂

    • #.melaine
      I knows Isle of Skye, agree a wonderful place indeed – about the rain risk – it’s a part of the scottish charm – many years ago I hiked in 3 weeks with my backpack and met a lot of wonderful scots – I was told that I was very lucky with the weather although it often rained a little – but the trip was magnificent… 🙂

      • Same here… 🙂 The Scots are really nice and generous, they love the French and some of them spoke some French… Btw, do you know why?… Because with the Irish and the French, the Scots have always had the same “old enemies”: the Brits! 😀 =))

    • #.rena
      Lucky girl – agree with you, Scotland is wonderful … 🙂 🙂 😉

      Scottish weather is not “either or” but “both and”
      – it’s very different on even short distances, I think it’s really great… 🙂

    • #.joan
      Probably you’re right – I spent a lot of time in Liverpool so I meet a lots of both irish and scots – I come from a part of Denmark (Jutland) where the other danes (teasing) calls us unique originals – I don’t know why, but I really enjoy being in the company of both irish and scots – I feel at home – extremely cozy and fantastic… 😉

    • #.madhu
      The lake behind is Loch (lake) Ness – surrounded by hills – maybe a monster hidden in the lake maybe not – there’re are several castle ruins on the hills with wonderful lake view – some of them are much widely used in commercials for example, a speciel scottish golden liquid with an alcohol content of 40-45 percent… 🙂

        • Probably the most studied lake in the world, the only thing missing is that it will be emptied of water – isn’t it..? 🙂 😉

          The summer in my young days when I hiked in the highlands and lowlands
          and slept a new place almost every night – I met a lot of nice people and tasted a lot of this wonderful golden brew… “lol”

    • #.fergiemoto
      It’s a wonderful place visiting – arrieved early afternoon with wonderful sunshine – the evening was beautiful – next morning it rained a bit but it doesn’t matter – a great view from the hills… 🙂

      How funny – maybe you could find some relatives… 🙂

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