The world outside

11 004

The doors to the world is very different shaped
some even have no handles
other places there are actually no doors in physical terms.
Some places there are not sidewalks
or no street lighting
other places which lacks both.
So we have to look for “lighthouses”

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23 tanker om “The world outside

    • #.richard
      Thanks, really pleased you like them… 🙂

      The lighthouse is located in the northern France,
      seen from a excellent seafood restaurant that I have found there… 😉

  1. Good one. Lighthouses as beacons of safety. By the way, I’ve been wondering why I’m not getting any of your posts on my email folder. I just discovered you’re on OFF. I just edited it and put it on INSTANTLY.

    • #.renxkyoko
      Thanks, yeah lighthouses both the real ones and the imaginary are our guide lines – they can help us to make the right decisions both for ourselves and for the sake of others… 🙂

      Thanks I better like being “instantly” than “off”… “lol lol”

      Have a wonderful weekend… 😉

  2. solitude and freedom… I like lighthouses – in general and this one in particular… 🙂 Fiat lux! = que la lumière soit! 🙂

    • I love it myself, a wonderful view from the coast – the Héaux de Bréhat lighthouse is located in the commune of Pleubian in the Côtes d’Armor in Brittany northern France…:-)

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