Same subject, different time



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It is said that everything is changing
it may well be true
but sometimes it’s surroundings change
which is reflected in what we think is changing.
This lovely old mill beside my old parents’ home
I see it every time I visit them
the mill is constantly changing or is it the surroundings..?
inspiration from Mariannes worth visiting blog “East of Málaga
CBBH Photo Challenge June (another link).
As an extra challenge is to refer to two of the many visits worthy blogs on WordPress
Cocoaupnorth”  –*–  “Susanne Haun

32 tanker om “Same subject, different time

  1. Fantastic photos and PERFECT for the challenge! My favourite is also number 4 … but number 3 is a close second 😉

    Thanks for sharing links to two blogs you enjoy visiting. It’s always good to have new blogs to look at, isn’t it Drake?

    • #.marianne
      Thanks, very pleased you like this for the theme
      and really appreciate your kind words… 🙂

      There are so many wonderful blogs on WordPress, it’s a kind of heaven of opportunities – opportunities to hear, to read, to feel the ‘straight’ world and how it is from all our different point of views… 🙂 🙂 😉

  2. Excellent shots. Amazing that the same thing can be so different at different times. Guess I will have to take you up on the challenge:)

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