Weddings, apples and old naval battle

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The former town hall in the Jutlandic town of Ebeltoft
now one of the most popular sites for civil marriages in Denmark
especially in the summer months there is a great bustle,
on saturdays there is often actually chaos in front of the old building.


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An idyllic evening atmosphere with a downward sun from the west side
the narrow streets and alleys in the city center attracts many tourists
both danish and foreign tourists
the summer is swedish, norwegian, dutch and german
almost as common as the danish language.

The city’s name Ebeltoft (old danish word for apple field)
dates back to the area’s many apple orchards, which used to be in the past.


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The pride of the city pride the historic frigate “Jylland” now a popular museum attraction
in a dry dock at the harbor – after a total renovation back to the original style anno 1880
by skilled craftsmen with excellent attention to old ways of working – *link*.


26 tanker om “Weddings, apples and old naval battle

  1. Ebeltoft used to be/ is the nordic Gretna Green, isn’t that so? I know a few international couples that went to Ebeltoft to get married, it was lot less complicated than in Germany.

  2. Ebeltoft,is enchanting! I’d never stop looking at the Town Hall……
    The ship recalls the old paintings of the nineteenth century……
    Your shots are amazing!

    • #.madhu
      It’s not a very big city, but a “great” town with a lot of atmosphere… 🙂

      The ship did not have a particularly long active “career” as a Danish warship – but is seen as one of the symbol of danish history – and well built, superb craftsmanship… 🙂

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