Hot and cool, a June day

01 44

Follow the flow some say, sometimes the consequences are included experiences.

This stream did.

01 46

Castle walls mentioned in fairy tales as impressive scary structures
but this sunny day of june in the middle of the idyllic historic area Alsace
beside the old castle wall which looks very peaceful and almost welcoming
no formidable warriors waiting with boiling water or hard-hitting arguments.


Within the walls between the old charming buildings are streets and alleys
this one isn’t called Broadway.

01 47

Inside the walls are fairy tales about all the beautiful maidens obviously true yet
or just today at least, the streets are full of them and behind them all the silly jesters
fortunately, so are all opportunities for celebration used
here it is something so “a matter of routine” as the start of summer.

01 45

 Afterwards outside the walls, but still along the flow
hid a lovely surprise behind all the flowers
a good restaurant and a nice lunch with associated cool Alsace Pinot Gris.

maybe it’s more our intuition than the flow
which is best to follow..?