Green Alpes, isn’t just a cheese

01 62

A part of the legendary “Route des Grandes Alpes
from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean Sea

A spectacular experience of pure magnificent alpine splendor
tiny cozy alpine villages and historical monuments,
some with terrifying backgrounds
awe-inspiring roads and structures lead up to mountain passes
nature reserves with interesting animals and plants
some of them a little bit dangerous.

01 63

Brilliant sunshine and lots of grazing dairy cows, some with bells on
these peaceful ruminants are suppliers of milk to the famous Savoie cheese
give a smile by saying cheese – but the cows grazing on – completely unaffected.

01 64

Normally, so we don’t know, what to expect on the next “street” corner
here the next several “street” corners can be seen – pure “highway”
the only unknown factor is whether the next road user who we meet is
italian, french or swiss – or maybe danish, swedish, norwegian, german or dutch.

Road users here are a very international clientele
there is also a growing number of poles and czechs
more and more find it worth visiting
and more and more people get possibility to do it.