Stairway to heaven

01 81

I see the world with my eyes from the point where I stand
it means when I move myself so will the world immediately looks different
basically I assume that others do the same
in other words, see the world from where they stand.

The Weekly Photo Challenge have the theme – “The World Through Your Eyes

01 80

These photos from Arlanda Airport outside Stockholm Sweden
before the heightened security requirements for photo cameras
life is a journey – long or short – hard or comfortable
some believe that the main purpose and the focal point of traveling
is the duty-free and tax-free shop at the airport
and will never get further than there.

01 87

But the most important is to get the big “junk box” in the air
in my eyes so pragmatism beats selfishness or egoism and ideologies
because the more we are on board – the cheaper, after all, the trip will be.

47 tanker om “Stairway to heaven

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  2. Seems you like flying! Of course you do! You’re a Drake.
    “The cheaper, after all, the trip will be.” ‘lol” “lol”
    Could it be possible to fly so often that the Airline would pay you? “lol”
    Great pics, esp. the first.

    • #.laurie
      Thanks really appreciate your words – yeah nowadays the security makes it impossible to get close to these aeroplans – agree with you it’s sad, it have to be that way now…

  3. You are so right Ledrake, we do see the world from where we stand, when we are in a dark place we tend to view others with same grunge lens too….
    love you posts and lovely lessons in them 🙂

    • #.soma
      Thanks really pleased you like it and agree with me… 🙂

      One of my favorite philosopher, the danish Soren Kierkegaard said – “If you want to move people you have to start where they are at the moment and not where you wish they were”… 🙂

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  5. this is a perfect post for me today! tomorrow I’ll be enjoying tax free and a cramped seat on three different flights – totally not the point of traveling, getting there is always the best part with planes, while with trains it’s different… I it was possible to travel by train more often, which is also better for the environment 🙂

    • #.ks3nia
      Hope you had a good journey – agree about the trains, it’s so cozy – in my younger days I travelled by train alot – inter-railed in Europe, 5 weeks traveling from city to city and from country to country , met so many other youngster, really happy time… 😉

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  7. Hey Drake,
    You say much without too many words getting in the way. I like that. I hate flying myself, more of a ground person. It is fortunate you are a duck and can fly without the aid of an expensive and wasteful airplane.

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  13. Flying used to be much more fun than it is now. I hadn’t even thought that taking pictures might be suspect. Gone is the fun of meeting someone as they come off the plane or all sitting together until it’s time to board. I still enjoy flying in some ways but it’s certainly different now.


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  15. ciao! though flying has changed, it still offers ways to see the world from different points. hothe point for eferyone should be not just the duty-free shops.

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