Wish I were there, earlier 1/10

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L’abbaye du Mont-Saint-Michel 

Saint Michael’s Mount is a tiny rocky tidal island in Normandy
one of France’s most recognisable landmarks
the population of the island is about 50
known as a strategically important area (and inhabited) for at least 15-1600 years
the monastery is built about the 700s.

It also became a symbol of the allied landing in Normandy during the Second World War.

Mont Saint-Michel and its bay are part of the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites
and more than 3.000.000 people visit it each year
so far as it’s known, the second largest tourist attraction in France.


Aerial photo of Wikipedia “link


Challenge – favorite places I wish I had visited earlier than I did – 1/10.

Do visit the place several times, the first time when I was 18
wish I had visited it when I was a boy
surroundings and the atmosphere will definitely be a huge inspiring experience
to a boy with lots lots of imagination and great interest to history in general.

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  1. Awesome post.thank you for taking the time to keep in touch.Warm regards.jalal

    • #.paula
      While most visitors to Mont Saint Michel will come from Paris, it is possible to fly into the Rennes airport, which is located about 75 km away – there are several flights per day to many other french towns from this airport, with more than 50 destinations and connections.

      The Dinard Pieurtuit International Airport in Saint-Malo is located about 70 km from Mont Saint-Michel, and has flights to London’s Stansted airport and the Channel islands.

      From Paris you can take the TGV to Rennes, about 55 km south of Mont St. Michel – the Les Courier Bretons bus makes the 75-minute transfer to Mont-St-Michel several times a day.
      The train from Rennes takes you as far as Pontorson, 9km from Mont St. Michel. You can take bus #15 to Saint Michel from the station.


      • Thank you so much Drake… Hubby would kill me if I mention another trip now.. I tend to plan ahead for years. Now we are facing another job threat (he this time) and I have already booked three places in Italy in July and 8 days on Corsica in September :D. I guess I should be called a wanderer not “lost in translation” 😉

    • You have to be smart and prepare him little by little – or even better, use a cunning woman list – make him think it’s his own idea – that’s the way we male love it… “hahaha” 😉

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