A little bit Hamburg

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Everyone knows that real gentlemen do not stare openly at women’s bottoms
and certainly not if it on top of that is a royal one of its kind
anyway so are a lots of germans on the port of Hamburg staring
(along with a lot of tourists)
to see the rear of the passenger ship Queen Mary II, when the ship leaves port
this day was cloudy and foggy weather
just as the ship knows very well from the British Isles.
02 02
Somewhere else in the city – for example the perhaps world famous avenue Reperbahn
which in the daylight looks very dull, but in the evening and night neon glow
blooms with lots of life and lots of alluring temptations
then it seems very normal to stare at whatever you wants.
A danish king Frederick the Eighth died in 1912 during a night visit on this street
but this fact we danes prefer not to talk so much about
because no one knew exactly what he was doing there.
It was the music venues in this town in the early 1960s
that marked the start of the pop group from Liverpool – The Beatles.