Eau de Cologne

02 00

Evening twilight with drizzle with the mighty cathedral of Cologne in the background
the combined pedestrian, cyclist and rail bridge is best known for the impressive wall
with thousands and thousands of love locks as decoration.
perhaps it is really Eau de Cologne which flowing past under the bridge
since it is teeming with romantic lovers in the area.

But more accurately and officially it is – the river Rhin
(in romansh “Rain”; in german “Rhein”; in french “Rhin”; in dutch “Rijn”)
is a european river that runs from the Swiss canton of Grisons
in the southeastern swiss Alps through Germany
and eventually flows into the North Sea coast in the Netherlands
and is the twelfth longest river in Europe at about 1,233 km



Challenge – favorite places I wish I had visited earlier than I did – 2/10
think the fact that it took 20 years of my life before it was visited first time

21 tanker om “Eau de Cologne

    • #.jan masyn
      Thanks, the photos taken from the “Koelnmesse” area – I have for many years been in Cologne a few times each year – as an exhibitor at food fairs – wonderful atmosphere both in the beautiful convention center and the lovely town – usually each stay lasting a week… 🙂

    • #.dina
      I always love to visit Köln, have for many years been in Cologne 2-3 times each year – as an exhibitor at food fairs – wonderful atmosphere both in the beautiful convention center and the very lovely city – sometimes I have to use hotel in close-located capital city of the german state of North Rhine-Westphalia – Düsseldorf – a wonderful city too… 🙂

      Every single lock have it’s own story – that’s amazing and wonderful… 😉

      • Aha – so you are in the food business? 🙂 Sounds good! By the way, I live in Bonn, give me shout the next time you are around! 🙂

        • I was in the food industry for about 20 years – sales and marketing management – the last 7-8 years I have been an independent management adviser – but still love this industry… 🙂

          I surely will… 🙂 😉

    • #.jo
      There are 4 official language (german, french, italian and romansh) In Switzerland – romansh is very small now and not an official language, but became – In the 2000 swiss census, 35,095 people (of which 27,038 in the canton of Grisons) indicated romansh as the language of “best command”, and 61,815 also as a “regularly spoken” language – spoken by around 0.9% of Switzerland’s 7.7 million inhabitants, Romansh is Switzerland’s least-used national language in terms of number of speakers and the tenth most spoken language in Switzerland overall – the language are familar to smaller groups languages from northern Italy, Monaco, southern France and from Catalonia’s Val d’Aran – known as “Occitan language” or the language of the golden coast… 🙂

      And in that swiss area The Rhine starts – so it’s true… 🙂

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