Illuminated by a bright sun


Maybe that’s why some call this “la côte d’or française” (the french gold coast)
Envy is like jealousy an unfruitful unconstructive size
instead of saying “wish it was me” we should say “wish it was me too”

We must believe in luck
how else can we explain the success of those we don’t like..?
(Jean Cocteau – french painter, writer and film director)



This is french but the beautiful buildings and the quaint cozy tiny alleys
strongly suggests that it’s very very close to Italy.


The city is famous for all the beautiful gardens and full of – from window boxes to parks
The Botanical Garden Of the Val Rahmeh

Le jardin des Colombières

The city’s slogan is: “My city is a garden
the city ​​nickname is the “French Pearl”
“another links to gardens of Menton