Nostalgic backwards dream

Being nostalgic is to be enthusiastic about a reunion with places or things.
Nostalgia is a combination of the greek words nostos (return home) and algos (pain).
it is used to yearn for something lost, missing or just old days.
Earlier in the “good old days” it was a diagnosed disease
for example many soldiers from the american civil war were labeled “Nostalgia”
the world didn’t know about the term “post-traumatic stress disorder” at that time.
Nostalgia is today also a concept of fashion and form
many tend to confuse it with the term “retro”.
Weekly Photo Challenge Theme “Nostalgic

29 tanker om “Nostalgic backwards dream

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  3. What a great photo of the mountains. I had no idea nostalgia was once considered a medical condition. How strange.

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    • #.melanie
      Merci pour la musique – j’apprécie Serge Gainsbourg et son art… 🙂

      “Love is a crystal that breaks into silence” (Serge Gainsbourg)… 🙂

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