Development management

03 007

Life without development is lifeless
the status quo is stagnation and is the last step on the stairs – down
next step might be “lifelessly”
awareness of this brings sometimes panic feeling
so begins the carousel
if the development is in the lead and not be led
being a slave to the development instead of creating the development
might end up on the step after the last but one – down.
This plow was before part of the development
then continued the development without the plow
there are no available “seats” at the museum
there were too many other plows left behind
then it has found a niche where it was first
it is “dumb waiter” in the old black sheep residence
as a “back-scratcher” and the old black sheep need to scratch very often.
204 001

Nature knows no pause in progress and development,
and attaches her curse on all inaction
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – german poet)